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iPhone 5, the best iPhone yet?

Finally the iPhone 5 is here after all the hype and rumors that were building up around it. The date was out on the blogs even before Apple officially announced. But this time Apple couldn't really be very secretive. All the rumors that were out before the event were actually true, right from the 4'' display to earphones. So what's changed in the new iPhone? Is it a revolutionary phone or just a revolutionary iPhone? To start with, the design hasn't changed much but Apple refined the look, all thanks to Jony Ive. What Apple is doing here is making the phone a part of the electronic family like the macs, macbooks, tablets and other devices rather than as a mobile phone that is discarded every year. So the basic design remained the same, but here's what you get :

Uni-body design,  a very well finished matte finish aluminium body, taller, thinner phone with a smaller connector. There's a dual color on the back going back to the earlier iPhone generation desig…