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Who's right? The doctor or the common man?

Its been a very long time since I wrote something. A lot of mixed feelings about what's happening around the medical field. Making the RMPs and PMPs legal in one state and introduction of a KPME act in another state. These two coming from two states that produce the maximum number of doctors each year. I'll just put my thoughts here. I won't take sides and you be the judge. Let's talk about what's happening in my state first.
     Almost 10 years of struggle, you give up playing sports you love, you be one of the best in the class and learn and remember every thing, have sleepless nights, survive on just coffee, wash your eyes every hour just to stay awake so that you pass your exams in flying colors and become a doctor. The feeling at the end of your post graduation to get that special title Dr before your name is immense. Till then you are a part of the institute that's nurturing You, grooming you and training you to become what you would be for the rest of yo…