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The death of Cyanogenmod and MIUI to me

The first time I heard of android OS was way back in 2009 probably the early days of android. I still remember the salesman trying to convince me to buy a java or symbian phone. I just ignored his suggestion and went on to buy the Samsung Galaxy Spica. It was a beautiful phone and more importantly the first android phone in India. I felt like I was carrying a laptop in my hand with the android cupcake on it. LOL!
   I explored all new launchers then and was amazed at how fast the phone was. The more fascinating thing was the green robot seen all over the OS.
   A year later Samsung came up with Galaxy Nexus S. And, I got mine as well. It was a gorgeous phone and more importantly a Nexus. As I kept using the phone I wanted more and more from my phone. Eventually I went online searching if I was the only one with these crazy ideas. To my surprise I was not the only one. There were quite a few. There's a website for all these crazy fellas. It was 'XDA Developers'    I wan…