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Galaxy Note 10.1 is the first tablet doing what a tablet should have done when it first came out!

Samsung finally made its move towards the right direction, mixing the two worlds, the original note and the tablet. A tablet should always be on-the-go device and never the main device at least not yet. Samsung made the best use of the stylus, taking tips from the Microsoft Courier aka Tapose and Overskreen browser to make the user make use of the big screen for multi-tasking. Definitely a right move. May be Asus should also take the idea from Samsung and start tailoring the Android OS making it more fun and useful.

Botiful, an interesting project!

Botiful is a wonderful, cool accessory that helps you have video calls in a whole new dimension. Basically it works with your android phone (for now) and lets you have a more interactive call. It's an amazing kickstarter project. You have to see the video for you to clearly understand. Kickstarter

Dice plus - An exciting new digital dice game platform

Dice plus has been in news for quite sometime but for those of you who have not seen this, it's an awesome bluetooth connected device to most of the devices which obviously support bluetooth. Initially it was started as a project for tablets but if I am not wrong this is going to be a cross-platform and probably across all devices you have ever known. The possibility is that you can even play online mutliplayer games especially with it's so claimed 'anti-cheat' feature.  Hit the link to know more :

A useful app called Smshare

I just came across this useful and simple app which helps you to remotely receive notifications of your missed calls, messages and lets you reply to the same right from your desktop using your browser. A very useful app and browser extension. Yes, you need an android phone for this to work! Follow the link for further information. app : extension :

The Amazing Spider-Man review

This movie isn't very different from the previous Spider-Man but Andrew Garfield didn't look as gay as Tobey Maguire. The movie didn't definitely change Spider-Man as much as Christopher Nolan has changed Batman. 3D effects were good. The same old story, no surprises there. Overall a 6/10. Onetime watch.

Meet the world's first social streaming player.

Google has done a smart thing by not jumping into another major update this year considering that last year's Icecream Sandwich has not made to more than 10% of the existing android handsets. The Nexus Q and the tablet are interesting additions. Microsoft Windows is entering the tablet market share with a big metamorphosis and there are many PC lovers who would want the same experience and power in their tablet. And as always ipad will have it's share. But Android has to fight to survive and unless it makes the experience more fluidic and easy, it's going to be a tough race.Google has launched the Nexus Q which they call it 'the first social streaming player'.It sounds cool considering the fact that it acts like a wireless juke-box. It wirelessly streams all your devices, you can create the playlist and once you tap yoour device on the dome it pairs up and let's you alter the playlist. You can as well wirelessly play the music, sync videos to your tv and lets y…

Crypteks USB drive looks cool and protects your data.

Crypteks offers a hardware encrypted very cool looking USB drive that makes you want to have a physical storage forgetting the cloud storage. The design is very simplistic yet very appealing. Pledge in and be one of the first few to own your very own Crypteks USB. The black one is even better but you need to shell out 200$.

Project Glass & Sixth sense

Rather than interacting with the digital world to know about the physical world, these two awesome projects let's you integrate digital world into your physical world. Definitely worth a look! Project Glass : Sixth Sense : Pranav Mistry describes his project.

Cookoo watch, a must-have wristwatch!

If you own a huge galaxy note which you cannot take out everytime it vibrates or if you are in a meeting with your boss or if you have an ugly phone but you still want to know why your phone vibrated, this is the best accessory you can think of.
Cookoo watch is a very neatly designed and shows you the the notifications right on your wristwatch with specific icons for each of them and let you decide whether you need to look at your phone or not. A must-have!


You can do more with an egg!

Egg can be more fun underwater, especially after you crack it. 2011_Water_Moves_The_Egg!.mp4Watch on Posterous via