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Where has all the love and humanity gone?

Earlier this week, I was traveling by a train from Chennai to my hometown. The train goes all the way to Howrah. It was a regular smelly journey as always in a long distance train till 4:45 AM. I woke up to the yelling of a lady at a man. I was completely taken aback. I got into my senses and looked down from the upper berth and saw a lady holding a man by the collar abusing him. By the time anyone reacted she picked up her sandal and started slapping him. One of the passengers jumped down and separated them. On asking what happened, she said he was not only touching her private parts in her sleep but inflicted a lot of pain in the process. She was almost in tears. Sadly, it was all men who reacted to what has happened. He begged sorry, touched her feet and everything. Not knowing who was right, I thought calling the police was the right thing to do. I called up Railway Police and they boarded the train in the next stop.
        On further probing, he said he was looking for t…