Where has all the love and humanity gone?

         Earlier this week, I was traveling by a train from Chennai to my hometown. The train goes all the way to Howrah. It was a regular smelly journey as always in a long distance train till 4:45 AM. I woke up to the yelling of a lady at a man. I was completely taken aback. I got into my senses and looked down from the upper berth and saw a lady holding a man by the collar abusing him. By the time anyone reacted she picked up her sandal and started slapping him. One of the passengers jumped down and separated them. On asking what happened, she said he was not only touching her private parts in her sleep but inflicted a lot of pain in the process. She was almost in tears. Sadly, it was all men who reacted to what has happened. He begged sorry, touched her feet and everything. Not knowing who was right, I thought calling the police was the right thing to do. I called up Railway Police and they boarded the train in the next stop.
        On further probing, he said he was looking for the light switch because he couldn't find his berth and in the process he tripped and fell on her. No one bought his version of the story. When asked for his ID, he took out his passport and he was a Bangladeshi. The Police asked her if she wanted him to be beaten up and taught a lesson or take him to the police station and file an official complaint. She wanted him to go to jail. She was hell bent on it. At the next station, Vijayawada, she got down at the police station and she was informed that if she filed a complaint there, she had to break her journey to complete the formalities and if needed she had to come back. Some one offered another solution saying that she could just make an entry in the General Diary and submit a letter and later file FIR in her hometown. She thought it was a better idea. That man was held in Vijayawada Police station and she continued the journey. After an hour or so, two police men came again and told her that if she filed a complaint it's going to be a big issue because the embassy will get involved and she will have to roam around the courts multiple times. Finally they convinced her to withdraw the complaint. She insisted that he stayed at the police station for at least three days and learnt a lesson for what he has done.
         As the journey continued I overheard people talk. Why is this girl making such a big scene about this? Do you think she'll win even if she filed a case?

Too many questions propped up after this incident.

1. How safe are women in a 3AC? (I generally thought there were not many creeps in the AC. A policeman told me that this was a fifth incident in the AC compartment this year!!! Scary!!)

2. Was the woman right or the man?(Who's side to take? You didn't witness the situation)

3. Was I right in calling the police? ( Because finally the girl was convinced to withdraw the complaint. Recently a girl committed suicide because she was labelled a prostitute when she was fighting for justice?)

4. Was it right on the part of the police to convince her to withdraw the complaint?

5. Why do people have to judge? (Why do we always judge when we are not involved in the situation and don't help them in the first place)

6. Why not use lie detectors in cases like this? (There's no role for human rights in such cases. So why not use them?)

7. Why can't we all be more human and love one another and spread love? Why can't we help a fellow being than hate?

A concerned Indian


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