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Where are we headed this year?

Last two years had seen the introduction of a new segment in electronics, the tablet. Initially the idea seemed stupid considering the fact that it is neither as portable as a mobile phone nor is it as functional as the laptop. Most of us are used to and are very comfortable with the windows OS. When we think about serious work, we definitely need a laptop. That's till last last year.

iPad as usual had captured a major market share and there are definitely a lot of apps for it. But it still cannot replace your laptop. For Only Mac lovers there was an option of a fully functional tablet PC developed by Modbook Inc., The Modbook Pro.What they did was, take your Mac, build a complete new chassis, added a Wacom pressure sensitive stylus and more importantly, runs Os X Mountain Lion. Here's the link to the website but before you hit the link, it costs you 3,499$.

Last year with the entry of Microsoft into the tablet arena I was little positive about…