Who's right? The doctor or the common man?

Its been a very long time since I wrote something. A lot of mixed feelings about what's happening around the medical field. Making the RMPs and PMPs legal in one state and introduction of a KPME act in another state. These two coming from two states that produce the maximum number of doctors each year. I'll just put my thoughts here. I won't take sides and you be the judge. Let's talk about what's happening in my state first.
     Almost 10 years of struggle, you give up playing sports you love, you be one of the best in the class and learn and remember every thing, have sleepless nights, survive on just coffee, wash your eyes every hour just to stay awake so that you pass your exams in flying colors and become a doctor. The feeling at the end of your post graduation to get that special title Dr before your name is immense. Till then you are a part of the institute that's nurturing You, grooming you and training you to become what you would be for the rest of yo…

Where has all the love and humanity gone?

Earlier this week, I was traveling by a train from Chennai to my hometown. The train goes all the way to Howrah. It was a regular smelly journey as always in a long distance train till 4:45 AM. I woke up to the yelling of a lady at a man. I was completely taken aback. I got into my senses and looked down from the upper berth and saw a lady holding a man by the collar abusing him. By the time anyone reacted she picked up her sandal and started slapping him. One of the passengers jumped down and separated them. On asking what happened, she said he was not only touching her private parts in her sleep but inflicted a lot of pain in the process. She was almost in tears. Sadly, it was all men who reacted to what has happened. He begged sorry, touched her feet and everything. Not knowing who was right, I thought calling the police was the right thing to do. I called up Railway Police and they boarded the train in the next stop.
        On further probing, he said he was looking for t…

Net neutrality should prevail

My answers to TRAI questions

Disclaimer: It's my view as a common man. I am no law man or an expert in this.
Just my thoughts only.

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Dear Sir,
Internet is such a boon to India. How the mobile phone revolutionized India bringing everyone together, internet has been and is growing the same way for couple of years now. Helping a few big guns and undermining the start ups is such a terrible thing to do in a country like India especially when make in India is our campaign. I sincerely request you to maintain the net neutrality like it is in the rest of the world.
 Question 1: Is it too early to establish a regulatory framework for OTT services, since internet penetration is still evolving, access speeds are generally low and there is limited coverage of high-speed broadband in the country? Or, should some beginning be made now with a regulatory framework that could be adapted to changes in the future? Please comment with justifications.  Ans:  Ind…

The death of Cyanogenmod and MIUI to me

The first time I heard of android OS was way back in 2009 probably the early days of android. I still remember the salesman trying to convince me to buy a java or symbian phone. I just ignored his suggestion and went on to buy the Samsung Galaxy Spica. It was a beautiful phone and more importantly the first android phone in India. I felt like I was carrying a laptop in my hand with the android cupcake on it. LOL!
   I explored all new launchers then and was amazed at how fast the phone was. The more fascinating thing was the green robot seen all over the OS.
   A year later Samsung came up with Galaxy Nexus S. And, I got mine as well. It was a gorgeous phone and more importantly a Nexus. As I kept using the phone I wanted more and more from my phone. Eventually I went online searching if I was the only one with these crazy ideas. To my surprise I was not the only one. There were quite a few. There's a website for all these crazy fellas. It was 'XDA Developers'    I wan…

Why the doctors in India have always been the soft target?

Just another day goes by and another person passes a comment against doctors. A high ranked politician says he will chop off the hands of doctors who are corrupt. I totally agree with him that it's not fair to take bribe or be negligent. That doesn't mean every doctor is corrupt. You can't say things like that especially when there are so many people following you. Those may be just the words for him. But those words may turn out to be the inspiring words for someone. What if that person turns out to be a mentally unstable person? Who would be responsible then? 
      About an year ago, a famous actor who proclaims to be a perfectionist gives a speech in his program faking his tears and says no doctor should take fee and should be selfless. As a doctor every person always thinks or tries to do his best for his patient. The cause of failure may be numerous. The lack of knowledge because of his busy schedule trying to make his ends meet, the lack of resources in the remo…

Spigen neohybrid case for S4, a cool new look to your phone

Galaxy S4 has a very rounded corners and a plasticky feel. You don't get the feel of holding a premium phone in your hand. I have been looking for a case that looks cool and protects the phone as well. After a very very long search I came across the Spigen Neohybrid case. It's a simple bumper case and has TPU and polycarbonate components. Both feel very nice in hand. You don't get the feel of a cheap case in your hand. Each penny you spend on this is worth it. You get to choose from 6 different colors for the frame and you can as well buy only the frame if you choose to do so. The box contains the case itself and three jelly buttons. The best part of the case is that the buttons on the phone are 'clicky'. You don't lose the feel of pressing the buttons on your phone directly. But I have been taking too many screenshots unnecessarily because of the prominent buttons. I wouldn't mind because the feel of the case is much more important to me.  


Phonesuit, a terrible disappointment!

Mobile phones have gone a long way from their time of invention by Martin Cooper. Phones these days are not used for just calls and messages anymore. Few months ago I have got my Galaxy S4. It's a beast. I still enjoy it with MIUI ROM on it. But the enjoyment lasts about twelve hours with extensive usage. Sometimes you cannot find a point to charge your phone and you need a power bank on the go. I was looking for something elegant, tiny and that fits in the pocket. I came across this Phonesuit charger which just matched my requirements. As usual, most of the products I crave for are not available in India and had to get it through friends. 
       The look and feel of the product is exceptional. It just feels very premium. It has an aluminium build with a micro-USB pin and a plastic cap. There's no power on and off button but there's this electrostatic button that shows four blue dots indicating the level of charge left. Everything about the product is just great. I took ou…