Spigen neohybrid case for S4, a cool new look to your phone

      Galaxy S4 has a very rounded corners and a plasticky feel. You don't get the feel of holding a premium phone in your hand. I have been looking for a case that looks cool and protects the phone as well. After a very very long search I came across the Spigen Neohybrid case. It's a simple bumper case and has TPU and polycarbonate components. Both feel very nice in hand. You don't get the feel of a cheap case in your hand. Each penny you spend on this is worth it. You get to choose from 6 different colors for the frame and you can as well buy only the frame if you choose to do so. The box contains the case itself and three jelly buttons. The best part of the case is that the buttons on the phone are 'clicky'. You don't lose the feel of pressing the buttons on your phone directly. But I have been taking too many screenshots unnecessarily because of the prominent buttons. I wouldn't mind because the feel of the case is much more important to me.  
Reventon yellow feels as premium as Lamborghini Reventon

The case adds a little bulk to the phone but yeah it protects from accidental falls and also from scratches when you put the screen flat on the table

The left side just has the volume rockers and the right side has a subtle neo-hybrid engaving

The back TPU case has a spigen engraving and also makes a mention of 13 MP on the top

     There are a few cons for the case though. All the default cables that come with S4 fit perfectly with the case but most of the third party accessories won't. That's the price you have to pay if you are willing to get the case.
All my accessories won't fit in now
    All my OTG drive, battery pack, third party cables and chargers don't fit with the case on and I need to take the phone out of the case and access the micro USB port.
    I would definitely rate this product 4.5/5 and would definitely suggest it to anyone who would like a bumper case for their S4. 


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