Meet the world's first social streaming player.

Google has done a smart thing by not jumping into another major update this year considering that last year's Icecream Sandwich has not made to more than 10% of the existing android handsets. The Nexus Q and the tablet are interesting additions. Microsoft Windows is entering the tablet market share with a big metamorphosis and there are many PC lovers who would want the same experience and power in their tablet. And as always ipad will have it's share. But Android has to fight to survive and unless it makes the experience more fluidic and easy, it's going to be a tough race.

Google has launched the Nexus Q which they call it 'the first social streaming player'.It sounds cool considering the fact that it acts like a wireless juke-box. It wirelessly streams all your devices, you can create the playlist and once you tap yoour device on the dome it pairs up and let's you alter the playlist. You can as well wirelessly play the music, sync videos to your tv and lets you watch youTube on your big screen. According to few blogs there have been bugs in the device and more fine tuning is expected. The design is simple but great, the LEDs look cool and now you can bring all your android devices under one roof. It costs 299$ and I don't know if that's the best move! Only time will tell.



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